About Us

O’Neill C.V.I. is located in Oshawa, Ontario and serves students in grades 9 through 12

Mission Statement

"Let Talent Flourish.”
The O’Neill school community strives to maximize the unique potential of each student, to cultivate the skills essential for life-long learning, to nurture responsible citizenship, and to provide a positive learning environment.

Principal's message

Welcome to O’Neill Collegiate and Vocational Institute! 

It is our hope that this website allows us to communicate effectively between the school, parents and community members. What is evident from the information is that, this school is a vibrant place with activities occurring throughout the day and many beyond the school day. The announcements informing students of these events are displayed on the TV monitors, mounted in the halls and Cafeteria. As you navigate the website, you will find a wealth of information to keep you better informed. There are also opportunities for students, parents and guardians to take advantage of some study tips and strategies to assist in the learning experiences. O’Neill has a long history of academic excellence and we continue to support and challenge our students to achieve their potential. Our motto, “Let Talent Flourish”, best encapsulates what we do at O’Neill where individuals are valued and supported but together we create a better future for all. News about other clubs, teams and programs can be found as you navigate through our website.

Peggy Perkins,